Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hello, Nice to Meet You

I have been writing this blog anonymously because, especially as a novice, I am most comfortable writing this way. It feels safe. If my writing is terrible, nobody knows that I am the author. If I offend people, I don’t have to take their fury too personally. If I stir up controversy, it is a quiet risk. And, I never really need to take true responsibility for what I write because nobody knows where it comes from. Ah, the beauty, and the curse, of the World Wide Web.

Then, somebody whose writing and ideas I respect immensely convinced me that I had to put my actual name to my writing. If I want to have any credibility, it has to start with an honest relationship between reader and writer. Hiding behind my words means camouflaging some real truth - particularly the truth about me. It seems pretty hypocritical that a lot of what I end up writing about involves expectations of truth and honesty and I can’t even reveal who I am. Not that anybody really cares anyway -- this is more about me than any reader.

It is significant for me, because from this point on my words are truly my own, they do not belong to some anonymous person typing away on a random keyboard. I am ready to take ownership of my writing because what I write means a lot to me and I deserve to take the credit and the fall for whatever comes my way.


Don Mills Diva said...

Congrats Leslie - I think your writing is great and you deserve to be proud of it.

Leslie Krumholz said...

Thanks for your support. It means alot.

Carol said...

I have always been very transparent on my blog. I call our family members by name and it's a breeze to find out my whole name (though my address and city have remained private). Some people are amazed by this, thinking I'll be harassed or stalked, but you know, "all" that's happened is that I've made some amazing friends! Met some of them IRL, even! Everyone -- every single person -- who has ever left a comment has been polite and pleasant and supportive. I don't believe all this crap about the horrible, awful bad guys who lurk on the Internet. I think people on the Internet are almost all nice, caring people!


Julie Pippert said...

After hiding behind a nom de plume for years on the Internet, I decided to start my blog with my real name. More than anything, it forced the same responsibility in writing that I have in living.

I saw too many times first hand the liberties people will take with a veil between them and readers.

Security and that can be a worry, so I understand fully your decision.

But I am glad you will open up. I think you definitely have something here to be proud of.

Using My Words

Leslie said...

Wow! What a difference already... thank-you to Carol and Julie for your encouraging words as well. It feels great to officially meet you all -- and Julie you said it so eloquently:
"More than anything, it forced the same responsibility in writing that I have in living."

This is so true, and I think it is why it feels so right to have done this!

Anonymous said...

does this mean I'll have to choose an identity now,,,,
or can i still just be that quiet supportive friend!
You're the best-
but you know what, it felt just a little better for me reading it today!
a friend

Leslie said...


You are welcome to remain as you are!! The only thing that I ask is that you return again and again to read my posts!! Thanks for your supportive words, friend.

Karoli said...

Hi Leslie,

I also switched from a pseudonym to my real first name (but not last because of my kids...) a year or so ago. I agree -- there is a difference in my writing as a result. There are times where I wish I could be anonymous and then I realize that my wish comes from my desire to be non-confrontational, which is something I should get over anyway.

Welcome to the land of the named. :)

TIV: the individual voice said...

Hi, Leslie. I'm back. Blogging traffic to and from different sites, I find, seems to ebb and flow. I'm glad to see you are writing more. You do it so well. As a therapist, I feel very much that I need to stay anonymous, because I want to be able to open up about my own emotional life. If I used my real name, I would feel very constricted. So, I'm feeling I can be more honest by being anonymous. Sort of like my choice to write short stories about my "real" childhood as fiction instead of as memoir. I have been thinking about that particular issue for years, going back and forth, but sticking with the fiction like I'm sticking with anonymity. But I also feel anonymity does deprive me of a genuine connection on another level. It is so very complicated. I'm glad you posted about this. Just thinking about what part of one's personality to expose on a blog and what not.

storyteller said...

Hi -- I'm a first time visitor to your Blog (via Julie's November Blogging Pledge Class list posted this morning), and I smiled with recognition when I read your post. I started my Blogs a little more than a month ago intending to be "A Nonny Mouse" indefinitely (or at least until I developed some courage). However, I "outed myself" inadvertently after posting a piece of "visual writing" I didn't realize anyone could actually read due to size. The joke was on me because when clicked on, the image fills the screen. Such is life :)

I could have dumped the post after the fact, but decided I'd live. So I'm still "storyteller" but I'm also Virginia. Nice to meet YOU.
Hugs and blessings,

Leslie said...

Nice to meet you too Virginia, and welcome to my blog. I hope you come back and visit and I will make it over to your's soon!