Monday, December 17, 2007

Band Aid - Do they Know It's Christmas

This YouTube Video of Bob Geldoff and Band Aid, in 1984, singing about famine in Ethiopia at Christmas time is a fitting way for me to introduce something new to Minivan Diaries. I have been enjoying writing and thinking about issues that are important to me, educating myself and anyone else who wishes to read my blog. However, at times I feel frustrated at not going beyond the issues to offering some solutions.

So I am beginning a daily post on important causes and issues of interest in my community, my state, the country or the world that affect kids. I propose turning the negative and hopeless implication of the awful acronym, “WMD’S” into positive action. Instead of “Weapons of Mass Destruction,” let’s think, “We Must Do Something”. And hopefully we can all think positively about making this world a better place for our kids. Along with my posts, I will try to include ways to help or get involved and at the very least always offer resources to learn more about it.

I enjoy thinking and writing about general observations and rambling thoughts that may pass through my brain - so there will be other posts too -- but I am excited about this new addition and I hope you will be too. So keep a daily (I hope!) lookout for WMD’S. We need not fear them, we just need to become educated, have some dialogue and find ways to help!

..and just think, this was produced 23 years ago - how much progress has been made?


Don Mills Diva said...

Not much I fear. Great idea with those posts. A

lso I have to say that I am not a fan of that song. Having spent time in Africa I find the lyrics so paternalistic and icky: "where nothing ever grows" and the "only water flowing is the bitter sting of tears" and even the whole "do they know it's Christmas?" talking about a continent where so many people don't even celebrate Christmas... anyway - just a rant.

Leslie said...

Great rant - and a point well taken... I guess my point was to say that the harsh conditions have not changed alot in 23 years - and with AIDS and malaria and all the civil conflict... one would have hoped that conditions would have improved. On the other hand, I there have been small advances - microfinancing has helped with small business, advancements in science are hopefully making medical inroads, etc.

Thanks for your thoughts...,

Julie Pippert said...

That was 23 years ago?

Holy crap.

That saddens me on at least four levels.

So...hey, do you read the Just Posts? great initiative going on there, too.

Using My Words

Leslie said...

I have never read Just Posts before, but had a chance to have a quick glance. Looks like they are doing something great there.... I will spend more time soon, thanks for letting me know about it!

Anonymous said...

Yes -- this is just what is happening at just posts. You should join in.

Emily R